Insurance Companies

Law Firms

Our Proprietary Methodology is rooted in industry regulations and billing guidelines as set forth by:

Uniform Billing Act | Social Security Act | Code of Federal Regulations
CMS Guidelines | False Claims Act | AMA & AHA Billing and Coding Guidelines

If your client is being sued for non-payment of a bill:
We can produce evidence and documentation to support violations in billing practices.

If your client has been injured in an accident and there is a maximum benefit payout:
We can help reduce the medical bills to protect the settlement

If your client’s insurance company has denied medical claims for any reason:
We can identify denials conflicting with contractual obligations and/or violations of insurance regulations.

If your client is suing a medical provider or facility for malpractice, often called “medical mishaps”:
We can identify charges related to the misadventure that occurred and establish the medical provider’s and/or facility’s “character” by pointing out erroneous items and services and most notably, price gouging.