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POST-Pay Medical Compliance Review

Unlike other cost containment companies, Medliminal not only identifies medical bill overcharges, but recoups those amounts up to a 2 year look back.

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Consumer driven health plans are failing employers and employees alike. It is necessary for the employee to be an educated consumer. Medliminal provides educational support and advocacy with respect to the medical costs facing individuals and their families.



Employers have a fiduciary responsibility to ensure the accuracy of charges on employee’s medical bills. Medliminal acts as your fiduciary compliance partner by assuring compliance with ERISA.

Insurance Companies


The Medliminal solution also helps the insurer, offering cost savings by identifying billing errors through our line-by-line medical bill review.

Taft-Hartley Funds


Medliminal’s medical bill compliance review helps your board of trustees fulfill its fiduciary duties by identifying billing errors, safeguarding the integrity of your joint finances.

Regional Health Plans


While your team handles medical necessity, Medliminal focuses on examining and removing billing errors from medical bills. The Medliminal solution identifies and removes billing errors pursuant to CMS guidelines, the regional health plan’s payment policie

Third-Party Administrators


Our compliance review targets non-billable services, supplies and equipment that are already factored into the cost of other charges and/or the cost of doing business. Medliminal does not conduct audits, we specialize in medical bill compliance review.

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