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Protect Your
Employees from
Billing Errors

More than 90% of medical bills contain overcharges— that’s a tough pill to swallow for employers already drowning in healthcare costs.

With a shift to a consumer-driven market, healthcare costs continue to rise and billing errors keep occurring. Self-funded employers need a shield to protect themselves and their employees from these all-too-common medical overcharges.

Stop Overpayin
How EMBC Can Help

EMBC gives both employers with self-funded health plans and their employees an ally in the fight against medical billing errors. Our award-winning AI, H-CAT™, applies its more than 10 million custom edits in identifying any potential medical bill errors. The edits are then confirmed by our experienced team of nurses and coders.

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A registered employee or covered dependent uploads a medical bill to EMBC


H-CAT™ reviews the bill and identifies any errors, providing a report to the employee


EMBC works on the employee’s behalf to remove overcharges before bill is paid


The employee and the employer both avoid paying more than they should


EASY Setup. Powerful results.

Enroll in EMBC

Configure your company’s custom EMBC Dashboard user experience with the help of Medliminal team

Create a custom internal participation strategy that invites and encourages employees to submit their medical bills

Saving up to 49% of the initial billed amount*

*based on current performance

Protection You Deserve

For Employers

  • Direct access to experts who advocate on your behalf and help with medical bill questions
  • Secure and easy-to-use system for uploading medical bills
  • Specialists who not only identify overcharges, but also contest those errors
  • Peace of mind that you are paying only what you should

For Employees

  • Catch overcharges before payment is made
  • Expert guidance through the chaotic world of medical billing
  • Customizable analytics and reporting tools to track costs
  • Helps fulfill fiduciary responsibility as health plan sponsor