Defending Against
Billing Errors

Over 90% of medical bills contain overcharges. On average, Americans spend $10,500 per year on healthcare costs. At Medliminal, we knew something needed to be done. So we developed EMBC.

The Employee Medical Bill Champion (EMBC, pronounced “embassy”) program works on behalf of its members to identify and remove billing errors from medical bills. With EMBC, members have direct access to Medliminal’s cutting edge Robotic Process Automation technology, H-CAT™, and our experienced team of professionals. Once billing errors are identified, EMBC works to get those charges removed from bills.

Helping Employees with Medical Bills

With EMBC, employees can

Access our secure EMBC dashboard

Submit medical bills via computer or mobile device

Receive specialized guidance throughout the review process

Discover any billing errors on their bills

See EMBC in

Making a Difference
for Employers

The EMBC advantage for employers

  • Less time spent by HR team answering medical bill questions
  • Employees spending less on unnecessary medical costs
  • Helps fulfill employer fiduciary responsibilities for health plan management
  • Access to customizable analytics and reporting tools


How EMBC Saves Health Plans Money

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