Leading the Charge Against Medical Billing Errors

Over 90% of medical bills contain overcharges, costing the US an estimated $67 billion. At Medliminal, we specialize in medical cost containment. Our clients get focused and innovative solutions and services that reduce healthcare costs for all payers.


The Leading Edge of Medical Cost Containment

Companies and employees are both overspending on healthcare due to billing errors. Medliminal helps all payers identify and negotiate down inflated medical costs.

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When it comes to offering employees the best benefits management, it’s not just a good idea—it’s the law. Fiduciaries have the responsibility to maintain the financial integrity of their group health plans.

Let Medliminal be your fiduciary compliance partner.

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A True Employee Advocate

Medliminal knows how hard it is for employees to get help fighting back against overcharges. We’ve built our Employee Medical Bill Champion (EMBC) to identify billing errors and protect employees when they need it.

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